Montreal is known for being one of the most romantic cities on the planet. This isn’t surprising given that its history is strongly rooted in France, a country popularized by its capital, Paris, which many regard as the official City of Love. Thus, much like Paris, Montreal lends itself to an air that draws people together effortlessly. And so, although weddings are quite paramount to begin with, they carry even more importance in Montreal because of the culture and history that drives it. Thus, the importance of planning weddings has always been a very significant enterprise for those in Montreal. Naturally, the city’s landscape is shaped as a result of the strong values the community holds for weddings. And so, wedding venues are a very important part of the city’s physical geography, given the historical and cultural salience of weddings. So how did Montreal Wedding Venues become what they are today?

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For the longest time, up until after World War II, there was no real formality to how a wedding was hosted. For the most part, wedding celebrations were generally held in the bride’s home. And depending on the socio-economic status of either family, it would either be hosted in a grandiose manner in the form of a grand ball or in a rather modest fashion where everyone would sit and have tea at home. Although it sounds awfully crude, it wasn’t uncommon for mass weddings to be organized in order to get people married en masse to save money. Around the beginning of the 20th century, dance halls became commonplace and were principally used to help those who lacked the space to host a proper wedding with lots of guests. Eventually, this idea of lending a vast space to families for weddings became more and more popular, given that it made for a more pleasant and legitimate celebration. Thus, hotel ballrooms, banquet halls, restaurants and gardens became more and more open to hosting weddings. And generally, any business that had a large amount of space that wasn’t constantly being used began to accommodate those in need.

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With time, the population in Montreal grew not only in numbers, but in diversity as well. And so, Montreal wedding venues had to become more and more sophisticated in what they could provide in both space and service. Time, has taken great efforts to its ability to morph into whatever is needed to provide an immaculate wedding experience to any and all. And it continues to do this to respect and honor the historical and cultural importance of weddings here in Montreal.

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