Setting Up Wedding Halls In Montreal – A quick guide

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In our previous discussion, we explored some of the fundamental steps of wedding planning in Montreal. Choosing and booking your location is one of the most important things you need to do early on in your planning. Once you have a location, it’ll allow you to move onto the next steps. Let us take a look at how to set up wedding halls in Montreal.


1) The Cake


This is the centerpiece of the wedding. Deciding on what kind of cake to get depends a great deal on the number of people that are coming to your wedding. For example, a 6-inch cake will deliver about 10 servings. But a 12-inch cake will deliver from anywhere between 45 to 60 servings. If you need more than that, you’ll have to start adding tiers upon the cake.


2) The Flowers


Another key element in all weddings halls in Montreal is the flowers. Find a florist that has the sort of style you’re looking for to match with the theme of the wedding. Keep your budget in mind when making a choice. Depending on the month you’re having your wedding, a variety of flowers will be in fashion for that month. Consult with your local florists to get a better idea of what’s good for the month of your wedding.


3) The Décor


This is where you’ll be glad you had your budget planned out. You’ll have to factor in the number of people again when trying to come up with the right number of chairs, signs, linens, backdrops, candles, and so on.


4) Stationery


Once again, this is another really fun element that sets the tone and theme of your wedding. There’s a lot of fun in designing invitations, menus, signs, napkins, thank you notes and any other paper good you want to set up the look and feel of your big day. It helps to have a list of items you want to cover and keep track that way.


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5) Photography, Videography and Music


One of the most beautiful things about weddings are the lasting memories they leave you with. As humans, we’ve developed many ways to keep and pass on those memories. For something as big as your wedding day, you want to make sure you find the right photographer and videographer. Take the time to look through their portfolios, and choose the ones that have a style that really captures the essence of your day. And of course, music is very important in setting the mood and direction of things. Get the right music set up for various phases of the wedding like the reception and the ceremony itself.


As we’ve explored, there’s a lot of fine details to consider in planning out your big day. But with this guide, you’ll be more than ready for it.


Looking for wedding halls in Montreal to get started on setting things up? Get in touch with us today.


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