Having A Montreal Event Done Right

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It’s no secret. Ask anyone that’s been to a Montreal Event and they’ll always have a story or two on how they’ve had a solid good time. All across the year, events are the the fun that keeps the city hard at work during the week. When the weekend’s here, you can expect the best nightclubs to bring you a Montreal Event done right. Of course, we’ve taken every opportunity to step up the game and get it right for our guests. Today, we’ll look at what you should expect from a Montreal Event done right.


Montreal GP Weekend Party at time


Something’s Always Happening


Is there anything more frustrating than a venue that doesn’t have something happening on a momentous time of the year? Or maybe on a weekend where it isn’t Canada Day or some other big deal? What if you can’t make it on a particular weekend? Maybe you’re busy and you can only enjoy yourself the following weekend. Montreal’s got it its peak and low periods, sure. But at the best clubs, there’s always a good time happening. Stylish gents and gorgeous girls are always partying it up here. So don’t worry about ever missing out. We’re here so you don’t have to ever feel that way.



party at the time supper club


Live Performances


We’re not trying to be mean about anyone who uses iTunes or Spotify. But you just don’t get a proper Montreal event without a live performance that’s unique to you at that very moment.





Where VIP Actually Means VIP


There’s a joke about how VIP actually stands for Very Impressionable Person. You’ll show up to an event and find there’s 10 people in the club and 100 people in the VIP. Nothing makes you feel more special than being mushed into a “special” sardine can. We’ve experienced that false sense of importance in our own personal outings to other Montreal Events and nothing could bother us more than the establishment’s audacity to pull such a stunt on its guest. At a proper Montreal Event, you can actually feel like the Very Important Person you should be feeling like when you sit in your reserved area. We hope you’re comfortable with gazes, because everyone will be looking your way and wanting what you’ve got.



At Time, we don’t hold back for our guests. A bad time is forever a bad time. But a good time is forever a good time. Done settling for less and ready to upgrade to an actual VIP experience with live performances at all times?



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