How a conference hall rental in Montreal can boost your marketing strategy

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There’s been an emphasis in the last few years on putting all marketing efforts on the digital front. But as with most technological developments, we’re often more quick to notice the benefits and late to notice the shortcomings. Currently, texting while driving is the poster boy for this particular notion. And so, one of the conclusions that has been reached by market research is that human beings are actually still very much interested in engaging in real life experiences despite the convenience brought about by the digital revolution. That’s why Amazon hasn’t completely replaced retail outlets. It’s built into the human biology. After all, being at a party is a lot more fun than watching someone on YouTube be at a party. There’s a human element that can’t be replicated in the digital experience. As a result, many businesses are realizing the importance of emphasizing real life experiences in order to engage with their audiences. This isn’t to say you should completely ignore the digital aspects of your marketing campaigns. But you certainly should have a real-life component such as a conference hall to contextualize and reinforce those very digital efforts. Many marketers use event marketing as a critical element to boosting their overall marketing success. Today, we’ll take a bit of time to detail the value of hosting an event through a conference hall rental in Montreal can do for your marketing initiatives.

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Well to start, the digital landscape is inherently known for its ability to disguise blemishes. Ever been on a dating website? Well your marketing is not any less suspicious to the eyes a user who stumbles upon your digital self-promoting. That’s why getting them to meet you in real life is a grand opportunity to show them what you’re really about. They can’t tell if you’re the real deal until you’ve invited them for a breathtaking experience. Google conducted research alongside Ipsos MediCT to conclude that offline methods of marketing are not to be ignored by businesses. If the digital giant Google is telling you to consider offline means of marketing, you can be certain that there’s some unassailable validity to consider. What that means is that flyers, pamphlets, networking and newspapers are still valid forms of marketing. There’s just something inherent about a physical object that offers more truth and certainty to the human perception that the digital landscape cannot ever hope to conquer. And that goes for experience as well. Being somewhere is not the same as reading someone’s blog about being somewhere. The research further revealed the effectiveness of offline marketing – that people actually went to look for things online only after being exposed to either word of mouth in person, something they saw in the paper, or something they saw on a billboard. But the most powerful influencer is in event marketing. We suspect that the primary reason for this is that it’s a transient form of marketing – it’s not permanent like a banner or a flyer. You have to be really part of it during that point in time, or you’ve completely missed out. That element of scarcity naturally makes it more valuable.

An example of a conference hall in Montreal

Hosting an event through a conference hall has proven highly effective as a phenomenal brand booster given its organic, honest and limited time nature compared to other forms of marketing. Nothing catches the attention and spirit the way an event can in the ability to deliver an effective and strong message. The reason for this is that the event lets you calibrate the spirit of those who attend, whereas other marketing methods can’t necessarily “warm” people up. In standard marketing methods, people can come across your advertising in a mood that you can’t really manage unless you’re there with them. But that’s clearly not a concern with event marketing. The other strength in event marketing is the ability to present something to a variety of different prospects and businesses at the same time at the same location. You’re getting all kinds of perspectives to hone into your message, and that proves to be more credible because being able to strike a chord with various types of people implies a sincerity unlike presenting to one specific crowd.


And so, it’s no surprise that event marketing continues to thrive. If you think about it, concerts are very much a musician’s mean of marketing themselves through an event. Surely someone can just buy their album on iTunes. But if that was sufficient in satisfaction, why then do people continue to go to concerts? The reasons highlighted previously seem to touch on the explanation of why it is so. At Time, we’ve hosted a number of events for businesses in Montreal, and there’s a reason why those businesses continue to come back for more after their first event. As we’ve been told, the benefits and rewards of doing so are immeasurable and absolutely observable.


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