A Guide On How To Setup Event Hall Rentals In Montreal

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Life is often characterized by momentous occasions that come about through one’s work and through one’s relationships within their respective social domain. And so to mark the occasion, we plan out celebrations with great importance, as they represent a life well lived and a job well done. If you’ve been particularly wise in your life decisions, you’ll be celebrating very often. We enjoy helping everyone who is ready to mark their success by providing one of the most sophisticated event hall rentals in Montreal. And today, we’d like to go over some of the types of occasions we’ve mastered in execution so that you can work with us in great confidence.

Guide to Montreal Reception Hall Setup


1) Seminar Setup

This is the default setup you’ll want to use for anything that requires speakers to communicate to an audience. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but let’s not leave things up for assumption. You’ll naturally need a stage to give the audience an ease in viewing and the speakers the platform to make them the focal point. Rows of chairs are lined up facing the stage. A common mistake is not making sufficient space between rows. Don’t let the movie theatre caveat creep itself here.


2) Banquet Setup

Maybe you’re looking to set up a networking dinner for a small group, or perhaps even a reception. Well a banquet is the right kind of event hall setup to use for these sort of occasions. Typically consists of round tables being scattered across with decent spacing so as to allow room for guests to stand in between and walk through with ease. Usually key invitees are to be positioned in the middle of the setup as part of a formal design.


3) Horseshoe Setup

An ideal alternative to the Seminar Setup is the Horseshoe Setup. As the name implies, the tables are setup in a fashion that looks like a horseshoe from a bird’s eye-view. The gap allows for people to flow in and out of the concave space. This is more optimal than the Seminar Setup if you’ve got speakers whose communication isn’t particularly lengthy and is more of a formality, such as a toast or an inauguration. So while a Seminar Setup puts more emphasis on the speeches, a Horseshoe Setup puts more of an emphasis on the social function.

These are the 3 most common setups you’ll find works best when it comes to event hall rentals in Montreal. However, we’re not rigid in adhering to these at Time. We’ve simply noticed that these 3 setups work well across a variety of occasions. But we’ll be sure to consult creative ideas if we feel they’re more ideal for your particular occasion. Feel free to reach out to us for a thoughtful discussion on how to get the best out of your event hall rental today.


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