Difference between wedding halls and reception halls in Montreal?

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Reception halls in Montreal are a common venue option for weddings to consider. Although, one might ask what exactly is the difference between a reception hall and a wedding hall. In effect, the location itself is often the same. But the terms are used interchangeably depending on how the event is meant to transpire. And so, we’ll explore the history and concept of a reception hall in Montreal so that you can make the right choice for any weddings that you’ll be involved in.

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The reason a wedding hall may be referred to as a reception hall is because of a traditional element found in the history of weddings. In the past, a receiving line would be formed by having the newly wedded couple stand along with their parents, hosts and other honorable guests to ‘receive’ guests. This was a formal greeting process where the guests’ arrival would be recognized by the important figures of the event. And so, as they make their way down the line, each person introduces the guests to the person behind them and so on. There is a brief introduction amongst the guests and those in the receiving line, and it’s often an opportunity for the guests to give their congratulations. Nowadays it’s not necessary for all the important figures to be part of the receiving line. General etiquette is that one of the hosts along with the newly married couple is there to greet everyone who arrives. There is no demand from the parents, siblings and all the other hosts to be present. This is more common as sometimes couples host and pay for their own weddings if for whatever reasons their parents aren’t involved.

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Another interesting aspect of receiving lines is the deliberate use of music. You’ve most likely noticed it in movies featuring a wedding scene, where the music that plays when people make their way through the receiving line is typically slow-paced and elegant. This lends itself well with the slow pacing of going through a receiving line. It generally sets to convey the idea and feeling of arriving to the right place, and acts as a welcoming introduction to what awaits for the rest of the day. Ironically, although the receiving line concept is very romantic and traditional in nature, it isn’t well received by many nowadays due to its requirement for several people to be present. This can be very time-consuming and in weddings, the hosts and key figures generally need to be attending to other duties of to ensure things are being managed properly. And so, for that reason, a more popular alternative is that of the grand entrance, which is characterized by having a band or a DJ start things off by introduction and/or entertainment. One of the slight drawbacks from this method is the lack of intimacy that is found in individual guests meeting everyone in the receiving line. Depending on who the couple are in their personality types, a receiving line or a grand entrance will make more sense in how they want to engage their guests.

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