Corporate Events In Montreal – The Do’s And Don’ts (Part I)

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Whether it’s a new product launch, a corporate party amongst staff, or a banquet for clients, throwing corporate events in Montreal is a big part of standing out as a respectable organization. They can set you apart in how you engage existing and prospective clients. And they certainly do wonders for your staff and company partners in fostering genuine desire to work for and with you. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to achieve these results.


Here’s a few do’s and don’ts on how to throw a legitimate and worthwhile corporate event.


  • DO invite all your employees.


Everyone you employ should be invited to your event. From mailroom workers to the highest executive – everyone should be invited. It sends an extremely toxic message when people are left out in the form of certain staff or departments not being invited. People at the party might not make mention of it, but they absolutely notice.  And on some level, they might question how you value your partners. Your parties should encourage confidence and positive morale. Not diminish it.


  • DON’T have your event in your office.


It’s simple. Work is for work. And no matter how festive you try to make it, a party at the office just never hits the tone and ambiance it strives for. Everyone’s going to still feel like they’re at work and it’s bound to be very much an “okay” experience. If you’re looking for more than just “okay”, book your corporate parties in Montreal somewhere prestigious.


We’re not saying Time is your best bet.

holiday 1 small

We’re just saying Time is your best bet.




  • DO provide food and beverages.


It’s not a party unless there’s something to bite or sip on. And we’re not talking about Cheetos and Sprite. We’re talking about delicious canapés like mini slider burgers and crab cakes. We’re talking about well-made Tom Collins’ and perfect Blue Hawaiians. Top Master Chef John Zoumis and Montreal’s top bartenders are here at Time to ensure your party is nailing it for food and beverages.

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  • DON’T charge admission.


Nothing solidifies a lack of integrity and self-respect like throwing a party and then asking people to chip in after you’ve made the declaration. And consider the fact that your staff works very hard for their income. It’s not exactly a rewarding experience if people have to pay for it out of their own pocket. We get that corporate parties can be expensive. But meeting with an event coordinator ahead of time can let you plan things accordingly, while letting you come up with a way to develop the required budget. Plan for nothing, and you plan for failure. Do whatever is necessary to provide for others. But under no circumstance should you be putting the idea of a party in people’s heads if they’re ultimately financing their own celebration.


Every aspect of corporate events speaks volumes about your brand and how you do business. Time  offers a venue equipped with some of the most hard-working, creative individual in the industry to deliver exceptional corporate parties in Montreal. No detail is expensed in getting things right. And yet, despite it all, there’s a lot of companies just “winging it.” After all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


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