The benefits and history of banquet halls in Montreal

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Banquet halls in Montreal are their own event and have characteristics that differentiate it from a wedding or reception hall. Today, we’ll look at what defines a banquet hall and why you may want to consider the concept for your event.

Venue by #TimeSupperClub & dinner provided to you by @TimeCatering.
Venue by #TimeSupperClub & dinner provided to you by @TimeCatering.

To begin with, a banquet is defined as an elaborate and formal evening meal for many people, often followed by speeches. The meal is quite extensive and often consists of several waves of food that are delivered to guests in an elaborate sequence. It’s not uncommon for the course of the meal to consist of 8 to 10 plates. And the sequence is very important. For instance, a sorbet dessert will be served right before the final plat, as this cleanses the palette and prepares the guests for the final entry. These considerations are often brought upon as suggestions by the head chef, as they tend to have a greater understanding of how the flow of food works best over a given period of time.


The word “banquet” has its etymology rooted in 15th century French, as it stems from the word banc, which is French for “bench”. This comes from the concept of people eating snacks while sitting on a bench. Given Montreal’s historical ties to the French, the concept is often employed across a number of functions to this day. Naturally, the concept was furthered in sophistication by employing round tables instead of benches. And that seating layout is important for a few reasons. A bench or a round table changes the interaction dynamic in that it creates a more intimate and focused interaction amongst the guests. In a long rectangular table, you can pretty much converse in any direction, whether it is straight, left, right or even diagonally. But a circular table forces you to really interact with whoever is to your immediate right and/or left. So this proves to be a crucial design choice depending on what your event is setting out to achieve. In a corporate event in Montreal, it’s probably your best bet if you’re trying to build a relationship between your employees and their clients, for example.


Another quality is that, to some degree, it anchors you less to your seating the way a dining table would. You can move around a lot more easily and it doesn’t feel like you’re forced to stay there.  And that’s another difference between the round table and rectangle table. Rectangle tables are very observably empty when there’s an absence. A round table doesn’t show that as much. So that might be a good thing if you’re unsure of the attendance probabilities.

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These observations have been carefully noted given Times years of setting up banquet halls in Montreal. What originated from France has been mastered in this century by our devoted and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to setup a banquet hall in the best possible manner.

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