The Best New Years Eve Party In Montreal

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Yeah. You read right. While we understand that it’s hard to be objective when talking about oneself, but we can safely assert that we’re throwing the Best New Years Eve Party in Montreal. And the reason for us having such overwhelming amounts of confidence is principally due to our experience in hosting so many successful ones in previous years, with each being better than the last. Thus, we’re very much willing to put money on the table when it comes to our belief about throwing the Best New Years Eve Party In Montreal. Still not convinced? Well you shouldn’t be just off reading that. So that’s why the rest of this post will be devoted to highlighting what m
akes for the Best New Years Eve Party in Montreal.

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  • Not watching a live broadcast of NYE in New York City


We realize a lot of you might find this one a tad bit controversial. And that’s totally fine. Living the NYE experience in New York City is considered as one of the ideal experiences across all opportunities.  But think about it for a second. Why are we living through a lens and experiencing their version of the celebration? Are we not proud ofand in its legacy of hosting and throwing phenomenal celebrations? We’re the source of inspiration for so many other communities and we should spare none of our attention to how others celebrate. So many times we’ve heard people tell us that they watched the countdown on TV, and boy does that sadden us quite a bit. Live in the moment and embrace who and where you are. You’re in Montreal, one of the most beautiful cities in terms of its history, present and future.


  • Live Music From Local Artists


Aside hearing people tell us what a wonderful NYE experience they had by vicariously living through others across a TV screen, we’ve also heard a number of people tell us about the uninspired music they were listening to during the celebration. We’re not discrediting some of the great classics, but we do feel that a NYE celebration needs to be personalized to capture a spirit that is only recognizable by you. And what better way to accomplish that than by having a local artist put together a music that captures the spirit of the occasion and the home you’re involved in. This year, Time spared no expense in getting the appropriate talent to mark the event – Yo C & Cabana and Bruno Berdnikoff will be mastering musical harmony throughout the evening to mark the end of a memorable year and the start of a new chapter in the form of the 2017 year. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else. And that’s exactly the sort of experience you want to have anyways.



Let’s be honest, when you go back to work after all the celebrating is over, you want to be equipped with a remarkable story to blow your coworkers away with. Fortunately for you, Time has coordinated with some of the most sophisticated, local talent in Montreal to organize what is, with very little deniability, the Best New Years Eve Party in Montreal. Do yourself and your friends a favor, and get in touch with us to make your celebration one of legends!

Tickets are still available for the evening of the 31st. For table reservation, contact us directly

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