2 Key Steps To Finding The Perfect Private Party Venue In Montreal

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Looking to throw a private party soon? Well that’s exciting. But if you’re going to do so, it’s worth doing right. And believe it or not, there’s more to it than you would think. At Time, we’ve had our guests tell us a number of things they wish other places did the way we do. So for the sake of preparation, we’re going to outline a few of the fundamental things you should think about when choosing your private party venue in Montreal.


Private Party in Montreal
Private Event

1) Event Flexibility

Maybe you’ve got a venue in mind and you think it pretty much hits all the right notes. You give them a call and you ask them if they can host your particular event. Two things can happen. The least likely is they’ll be honest and tell you that their location doesn’t accommodate your particular type of event. The most likely is that they’ll lie about it and say that they can, and then you’ll have to settle for a less than ideal event that’s put together forcibly by the managers. We’ve heard the horror stories of venues not having sufficient seating and having to improvise. We don’t think people should sit at stools unless they’re at a pub. Fortunately, Time’s location is so malleable that it can host everything from private holiday parties to corporate events, 5-à-7s, bar mitzvahs, weddings and anything else you can. We’ve got the location and the human resources to get anything set up the way you’d like. Another thing you’ll want to factor in is the ability to manage things in case the weather doesn’t match your expectations. Say, for example, that you want the opportunity to have an outdoors experience but don’t know if the weather will play along. Well Time just happens to be able to adjust its interior to allow for an outdoors experience. And should the day be less than cooperative, we can always adjust to keep the party going.


2) Simple Access

Of course there’s tons of cool places in the city. But err away even the slightest from the center, and you start to lose out on attendance. You’re not throwing an event just for the sake of throwing an event. You’re looking to build sincere memories with your social circles. So if that’s the goal, why not make strive to achieve as high a success rate as possible? On a completely unrelated note, Time happens to be set in a landmarked 1930s art deco building at the intersection of the Old Port and the city’s financial district. “Conveniently located and easily accessible”, are some of the remarks we’ve gotten from our guests. We’re not trying to hint at anything here and we’re certainly not in the business of tooting our own horns. It’s just a thing we get a lot and we thought it was worth mentioning.

We’re in a beautiful city and there’s too many options for private party venues in Montreal. But at Time, you can have it all. Come on down and get to know us. You’re in for all kinds of good times here.

To learn more about our private parties visit us here: https://timesupperclub.com/corporate-event-planner/

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