10 Types of People You Can Expect to Meet at a Networking Event in Montreal

July 5, 2016 admin

To climb the professional ladder most people will tell you it’s all about who you know. Corporate networking events can be a great opportunity to establish lasting industry connections and meet your next business partner. Since everyone is encouraged to attend these events– a wide range of crazy characters are likely to be found. We’ve compiled a list of some of the types of people you can expect to meet at your next corporate event in Montreal and what you can expect from them.


  1. The Opportunity Seeker


Whether they’re in-between jobs, self-employed, or just can’t catch a break, this person is always on the hunt for the next opportunity. You can bet they’ll always have a business card on hand for you; always hungry to make their next business connection. Though this individual is great to meet and get inspired, they can be a little self-centered and might not be the best person for networking.


  1. The Entrepreneur


The Steve Jobs type – always coming up with the next big scheme, preparing their next pitch. This person is excited, this person is looking for ways to enhance their projects and take it the next level. This person eat, sleeps and breaths the Hustle…What’s that you say? YOU want to invest in the next big get-rich-quick scheme? Though Steve Jobs was one in a million keep a close eye on these entrepreneurs because business plan might just be the big thing.

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  1. The Suit


They probably came out of the womb in a 3-piece Armani. It is all about the surface stuff with these people, if you look good – chances are they’ll be your best friend. However, if you’re wearing last seasons shoes you might have a harder time to get them to actually listen to the things you have to say. Be carefully not to breathe too heavily around them or you’ll be footing their next dry cleaning bill and don’t be offended if they scoff when you arrive in shorts and sandals.


  1. The Phone Addict


Communication technology has allowed business and corporate life to progress in ways we never could imagine. Though we’re more connected than ever we’re paradoxically more disconnected as well. It’s a wonder they manage to hold a conversation without even glancing up from their screen. They haven’t made eye-contact with anyone since they arrived but you can bet they’ve already added you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Though it’ll be easy to stay connected to this individual however the chances of them remembering you by anything other than your profile photos is quite unlikely.

 Businessman On Park Bench With Coffee Using Mobile Phone

  1. The Event Host


This person is the one running around making sure your drink is topped up and that you are meeting that one guy from that one company you’re just going to love. The puppet master behind this whole rendezvous, don’t be fooled by their cool, calm, and collected facade. Deep down inside, they’re having a level 10 meltdown ensuring this event runs smoothly. This person is a great connection to have, since they’re the ones who got all these people together in the first place.

By the way, that would be us 🙂

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  1. Motor Mouth


It seems innocent at first, someone approaches you and you start to notice that they’re super outgoing, next you realize they have a lot of opinions, and just as you miss your chance to exit the encounter you realize that they have no intention of ending the conversation – ever.  Once this person engages you in conversation, they may not stop. You might just end up hostage as they explain every detail of their plan to launch the next big social media platform. You can always fake a trip to the bathroom to get out of this one, but chances are they’ll find you again.


  1. The Drunk


It can be nice to loosen up and have a beer to help the conversations flow, but this person takes it a bit too far. They definitely won’t remember any of the connections they made. They may not remember the people they’ve spoken to but they’ve made a lasting impression (though they probably wish they didn’t). It’s best to keep your distance from this person if you see they’ve been anchored to the bar all night. Whether it be due to nerves or pure excitement of an open bar this person is going to have some regrets.user-1687175-2016-03-08-09-33-17


  1. The Self-Absorbed Ego


Similar to The Opportunity Seeker and The Suit all conversation somehow ends up being about them. They can’t stop talking about their latest achievements and don’t expect them to ask you about yours. While the main purpose of networking is to establish industry connections, this person can’t seem to grasp that interactions are a two-way street and that this isn’t a job interview. They can’t get over of the spotlight or bother to consider learning about anyone else in the room.


  1. The Model Being Paid to Attend


They don’t even know how to operate the product they are demoing or how to pronounce the company name, but you’re too busy staring at them to catch a word of what they said.


  1. The Keynote Speaker


Remember the class nerd from school? These master of all trades run the show at events like these. They are tech-savvy gurus – always two steps ahead of the trends. Listen to this person, make a connection if you can, and don’t forget to ask questions.


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