10 Tips for Success at Networking Events in Montreal

July 13, 2016 admin


Over the course of the years, the Time has hosted a number of networking events.  We’ve complied a list of the top tips we can give anyone looking to attend a networking event.  When you finally decided it was time to take the plunge and attend a corporate event in Montreal – you might find that you’re not exactly an expert in building long-term business connections. Networking is much more than simply showing up, enjoying food and drinks, and exchanging business cards. The goal at these events is to meet individuals, make a connection, leave lasting (positive) impression, and hopefully create a link in the business world to help you get that foot in the door.


  1. Set a Goal


Before going to the event, sit down and figure out what it is you wish to get out of the event. Whether you want to connect with new people or find a new job lead, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish ahead of time in order to stay focused and set yourself up for success.


  1. Dress to Impress


You have to dress like a professional to leave a strong first impression. Looking disorganized or too casual might not be the best way to start these long-term connections. Choose something that you feel comfortable in to give you that extra confidence boost. This can be very helpful in this type of social scene.Man-reading-a-newspaper-e1440023119255


  1. Bring Business Cards


The importance of having a professional and well-designed business card cannot be underestimated. Put in that little extra money and get a graphic designer to create a unique design for you that will have a lasting effect in making solid first impressions.


  1. Offer what you have before asking for favours.


Remember, almost everyone at these events are looking to make connections too. It’s a give and take so let people know what you have to offer instead of making those connections just for your own benefit.


  1. Build meaningful relationships


Business matters aside, don’t be afraid to get to know people on a personal level in order to really foster a valuable connection. This is crucial in establishing lasting business relationships. Showing sincerity and interest in your conversations will show others that you are a person worth getting to know.


  1. Take Notes


You won’t be able to remember every detail of the conversations you have so it can be helpful to write down the things you learn from others so you don’t forget them entirely. You can also write extra information on the back of others’ business cards about who they are and how you can connect with them in the future.

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  1. Be Positive


Nothing is more refreshing than having a conversation with someone who seems really excited. Positive energy is infectious so surround yourself with positive people and good things will happen to you. No one wants to socialize with someone who only has negative things to say.


  1. Quality, not quantity.


The amount of connections you make is meaningless if you don’t establish quality, longstanding business connections that will benefit you in the future. So make sure the connections you’re making are ones that stand to actually help you in your career.

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  1. Consistency is Key


Attending events should be a regular occurrence if you really want to make serious progress in your career. It is essential to build up a list of contacts ahead of time rather than waiting until you’ve hit a dead end to search for leads.


  1. Listen First, Then Speak


Ask questions to the people you meet and learn about what they do and what services they can offer. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their business so show how much you care by paying close attention.


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